Odd, some 70’s Disco song just popped into my head at the mention of “Nightlights”. Nightlights are one of those rare things you can never really have too many of, which makes them great gifts for those “hard to buy for” people.  So I bought several DIY nightlight sets with bulbs and the little glue-on holder that attaches to the back of the glass piece.

I just smashed an old fused glass tile that I wasn’t crazy about (never refuse to re-fuse!), layered it on the treated kiln shelf, and melted it down in the kiln. Be careful not to make it too heavy since the backing has to hold the weight of the piece.  I used Youghegheny glass, which is harder, so it didn’t melt down flat, but instead created a layered texture.

I used the same schedule that I use for melting my bottles, which gradually raises the heat to around 1500 in 30 minute increments.  In fact, I just fired this piece along with my bottles and it worked great.  Once finished, I used a diamond pad to polish off rough edges, glued the back on and allowed to dry, then put it all together.

A fun quick project for beginners and not so beginners alike!

The best surprises come from happy accidents!