Work has been nuts the past few weeks, but still I’ve managed to crank out a few small items.  I’ve been dabbling with glass paints, soldered some prairie style sun catchers to hang on the front porch, made a wine bottle wind chime using some gorgeous sea glass, fulfilled some jewelry requests, and of course melted bottles and decorated some bottle caps.  I do love recycling bottles and caps.  The hubster and I even have some ideas for making a fountain using recycled bottles.  I promise that will make its way to the blog.

My biggest event, which provided infinite doses of much needed inspiration was a recent trip to Phoenix, AZ.  We visited the Desert Botanical Gardens – one of the most beautiful, amazing, natural, peaceful, creative places I’ve ever been.  I could have just blended in with the quail and set up a permanent camp and been sublimely happy.

Then there was the Apache Trail – not for nervous drivers or those who are afraid of heights.  But so worth driving the 22 miles of bumpy unpaved roads at 10-15 miles per hour.  The fact is, you wouldn’t want to go any faster for fear of missing even a second of the spectacular scenery.

So in attempt to make up for lost time, here are a few glassy highlights from the weeks past…

Bead contains copper mesh and aventurine

Reworked a boro pendant that went awry.

Mixed media using glass and wire. I just love making these.

Chihuly display at the desert botanical gardens

Bottle chandelier at a local mexican restaurant

You can make the most wonderful hanging ornaments with glass an solder.  Love these!

Glorious colors and textures

Beautiful simple colored glass votives hung on a metal tree