Each year, The Flow Magazine calls upon all female hot glass artists to submit their work for the annual “Women in Glass” issue. The talent and eye candy that’s represented in this issue is truly mesmerizing and inspiring. From simple to ornate, it’s all gorgeous!

I love this community and this year I’m proud to be one of the hundreds of talented women whose work is displayed. What a thrill to see one’s work in print among such amazing artwork. This owl above was inspired by the animated movie “Legend of the Guardians”.   Two owls were inspired by this movie, and although the one above was selected for the publication, I included the second owl below so he doesn’t feel left out.

Visit The Flow Magazine’s website to subscribe to the magazine, or subscribe to their newsletter online for free.    It’s a beautiful publication and a must have for hot glass artists.  They also offer great opportunities to submit your own work for print.  There’s nothing to lose, so be proud and just do it!