These hanging holiday ornaments are easy to make using recycled glass bottles.  You can paint them any way you like using glass paints.

Easy Fused Holiday Bottle Ornaments


  • 16 or 18 gauge copper wire
  • Wire nipper tool
  • 12 oz glass bottleSteel wool
  • Glass paints (I like the Plaid Glass Enamels paints)


  • Cut about 6 inches of 16 or 18 gauge copper wire.
  • Center and wrap the wire around a broom handle or an approximately 1 inch diameter round object.
  • Bend the ends (about 1 inch in) slightly outward and insert the ends down into the top of the bottle. The sides of the wire should press against the inside of the bottle enough so that it stands sturdy and centered in the bottle.
  • Lay the bottle flat on its side on the kiln shelf so that the flat part of the hanger is parallel with the shelf. Make sure the bottle is still and won’t move on the shelf during the firing.
  • Fire the kiln on high for 1 hour, with temperature ending at around 1300 or 1350 degrees.
  • Hold at 1300-1350 degrees for 20 minutes.
  • Turn the kiln off and allow to cool overnight.
  • Wash the kiln wash dust off the bottle and wipe the copper wire with some steel wool to polish it.
  • Paint the bottles as desired.  I even use 20-22 gauge wire and beads to wrap the copper hanger so it looks more festive.
  • Follow instructions on paint bottle bake and preserve the painted finish.

They’re well received at ornament exchanges, a great way to recycle, and fun for kids to decorate.  And because they’re smaller bottles, you don’t need a large kiln to melt them down.

Happy Holidays!