Hot glass often has a mind of it’s own.  Start out with a set plan and next thing you know, colors don’t strike, shapes go wonky, glass gets mucky….what’cha gonna do?

Well, at that point I start pulling out the scrap glass, shards, raku, adventurine, foils, powders and frits.  Anything that will give the glass interesting effects and hide the not so perfect.  Out within the plan, on with the improv.  Oddly enough, these beads result in some of my most interesting, colorful, textured creations.  They are the wondrous little happy accidents that we hot glass artists all know and love.  Some call them wonky, I call them gobstoppers.    They’re colorful, textured, lumpy, bumpy, whimsical and fun.

The following images document a recent session that started as a test for some new Double Helix Luna frit (crushed glass).  The glass would not react like it was supposed to, so the bead took a different turn and became something completely different.

Starting off as planned - gathering the frit.

Melting it in.

Not what I was going for. Where's the color?

Let the glass be your guide...

Adding baking of my favorite cover ups!

Cooking and shaping...gravity rocks!

Guess which one! (Answer: check out the one in the middle :o) Funky monkey!

Bad beads don’t have to stay bad, just pull out your scrap glass bits, frills, bells, whistles and embellishments.  Start drooping, pulling, twisting and marvering and eventually you’ll have something cool and original that you’ve never made before…and will likely never be able to make again :0)