This bead was inspired by my husband (as many of them are) who wanted me to make earrings for my niece who is a Pittsburgh Penguins fan.  However, instead of a mean intimidating hockey playing Pittsburgh Penguin, I came up with his simple cute little cousin.

Note that this tutorial was completed in two separate sessions, and apparently I used a different process each time.   Each photo represents the step being described in the caption.  My apologies for any confusion.

This is my first tutorial, so if you try it out, then let me know how it worked and what could be better!

Start by pulling some black and white stringers.  If you’d rather use yellow for the nose and feet, then also pull a marigold yellow stringer.  I use 104 COE glass for this demo, but the same process would work fine for boro.

It’s a great spring bead – this basic bead can be varied for lots of different types of birds.  You can add tail feathers, use different colors for the body and head – I made cute eagle beads using white for the head and brown for the body.

Make a black cone shaped bead. Use a knife or shaping tool to create an indent around the circumference of the neck to make a head shape.

Melt the end of a white rod and press on a large dot to create the belly of the penguin.

Once the belly has been added, heat the dot and use a tool to flatten the belly against the bead.

Use a white stringer to add white dots for eyes. Melt the dots in about halfway.

Eyes and belly added. Continue alternating dots on the eyes, adding black dots, then white dots, then ending with black dots.

Final layering on the eyes. Melt the dots in halfway until smooth and rounded.

Melt the end of a black rod. Press and push down to "paint" on a wing. Add a second wing on the other side of the bead.

Use a tool to shape the wings as desired.

Use a yellow or black stringer to add two dots to the bottom of the bead for feet. Use a tool to flatten the feet from beneath the dots.

Use a yellow or black stringer to add the penguin's beak. The best way is to carefully add a dot centered beneath the eyes, then use the cold stringer to pull the heated dot out onto a pointed beak shape. Use your tool to shape further as needed. Be sure it is well adhered to the bead.

Give the bead a good final dose of heat and it should look something like this.